Permissions Time Machine Lite v2.3.1

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Standalone Tool To
Fix Windows Permissions
Remove "Access Is Denied" Error Message
Restore All Access Permissions To :
1- Partitions (Local Only).
2- Folders (Local/Remote Share).
3- Files (Local/Remote Share).
4- Registry keys (Local Only).
5- Windows Services (Local/Remote Share).
6- Windows Printers (Local/Remote Share).
7- System Process
8- WMI Objects.

Main Features :
    • You Can Select Multi Accounts [Users – Groups].
    • You Can Specify The Owner Ship For Chosen Object.
    • Reset Or Restore Access Permissions By One Click.
    • Restore Access To Any User Account Or Groups.
    • You Can Edit Or Add Multiple Users And Groups By Enable Merge Mode
    • You Can Specify Permissions For Each Group Or User Specific.
    • The User Can Choose Between Restore All Permissions or Special You Can Copy Permissions From Object To Another.
    • You Can Restore Default Access Permissions To Chosen Folder - File Registry keys - Windows Services Windows Printers - System Process
    • You Can Restore Or Change Permissions For Folder - Files - Services - Printers In Any Remote Computers In The Network.
    • You Can Fetch All Windows Services And Printers In The Remote Computers.
    • Support 64 Bit Systems.
    • Can Update Permissions Time Machine Easy.
    • You Can Export Changes Log
    • Restore Permissions To All Windows Services By One Click
    • Restore Permissions To All Windows Printers By One Click
    Change Log in v2.3.1:
    • Update resources
    • Fix Reported Bugs.
    • Fix Update Bugs  
    • Improve Stability.
        Supported OS:
        • Windows XP   
        • Windows Vista   
        • Windows 7   
        • Windows Server (ANY VERSION)
        • Windows 8
        • Windows 8.1
        • Windows 10
        Remove "Access Is Denied" Error Message

        Screen Shots

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        MD5 Hash


        MD5: 8783DEE2B65BE9E0926591C03F2C2D0C

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        1. Thank u so much Sir, its a gr8 solution.............

        2. Definitively a pain killer,
          but not work in win server 2003 SP1.Only show details and screen repeats when closing .Task manager -end task is the only way to close it.

          1. Please send me a screen shot and more details.

          2. Does this only work for 32bit machines?

          3. No, but In 64bit systems you can only restore permissions for [ folder - file - printer ] , restore windows services and registry and wmi objects permissions still in testing on 32-64bit systems


          4. Access denied problem.
            Some of the above folders can’t be opened as seen in the screenshot. These folders on client system are shared with full permissions for all users at a node, but it can’t be opened at server with error “Access is denied”. Windows Firewall is turn off in both systems.
            Reset button of ‘Permission Time Machine’ is inactive in all options for Reset File System, Reset File etc., when the program run in Win Server 2003 OS. The ‘ About ‘ screen can’t be closed ,even if OK button clicked many times. Hence task manger is used to close the program and the About screen.
            Screenshots and details download link
            folder access denied error screen shot .docx (110.32KB)
            Download Link

            Roy.K.J. 20/11/2013.

          5. Screenshots and details download link:
            folder access denied error screen shot .docx (110.32KB)


          6. Thanks Roy.K.J i will fix this problem in the next version.

          7. Roy.K.J from your screen shot the Reset button of ‘Permission Time Machine’ is inactive in all options because you run Permission Time Machine without icons folder

          8. Sir,
            The shared folders which are not accessible, successfully reset with "Permission Time Machine" at Win server 2003 OS today. The "Permission Time Machine" firstly run at client system where original folders are located, and then it was run at Server and found the folders open normally.

            Thank you.


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          1. Hi. How can i restore my permissions in win 7 to default? Do i select the C: drive and hit default or reset? Is it even possible to restore like a fresh installation of win7?...

            Right now my permissions are screwed and i dont really know the default settings. How it should look. Thanks for this tool.

          2. To restore default permissions to partition "C:\" or any partition use "Copy Button" and copy permissions from any another partition.

        4. works perfect and fast...reset my permissions that were all screwed up...highly recommend

        5. Sooooo much thanks!!!
          I sit down in front of my PC for hours to solve my permission problems.
          Your prgramm had fix all issues in seconds!
          I am so glad!
          Great Job!!!

        6. Soo this tool seems great. But how do i, and can i reset my messed up permissions to my default, a fresh win 7 x64 install? How? Do i use the reset button on my C drive, or do i use the default button??? I want to reset to default win 7 x64 install. Is it possible? Thanks developer..

          1. To restore default permissions to partition "C:\" or any partition use "Copy Button" and copy permissions from any another partition.

        7. Great software! Is it possible to change the permissions of a folder containing subfolders and files at the same time? Because I can change the permissions for a folder but then I need to change the permissions for each file that is inside of her one by one. There's something I'm doing wrong? Thanks and greetings from Argentina

          1. Thank You , Yes it's possible by using ( All with Files ) option {All} Means=Folder and Sub Folders and Files inside this folder ,and select the users or groups you want to have " Full Permissions " to Access this folder and enable " Merge " Button and Press Reset .

          2. Hi, great software, however I have the same problem as the user above: when I select a folder, only the permissions of this folder are fixed, while the subfolders are not affected... Please help!

          3. Thanks Stefano , use ( All with Files ) option {All} Means=Folder and Sub Folders and Files inside this folder ,and select the users or groups you want to have " Full Permissions " to Access this folder and [uncheck] " Merge " Button and Press Reset , or Press Default .

          4. Hi Adham
            you say to restore default permissions on win 7 you select copy what happens if you only have one partition c: and its permissions are corrupted

          5. Hi ,
            to restore default permissions select partition and press " Default Button " , if you have one partition as you say try to connect another hard disk to your computer and copy permissions from it

          6. I had the same problem (it only resetting the permissions for one folder, even tho 'folders and subfolders and files' was selected.
            I don't know what I did (maybe check/uncheck merge?) and/or Grant permissions to the current user, but after that it reset the permissions for everything.
            Genius. I will be donating.

        8. Hello, Mr. Dahab

          This appears to be a very useful piece of software (one that, should - as it appears likely to be the case, I will gladly donate funds for in gratitude); I commend your work and give thanks to Anand Khanse over @ The Windows Club for recommending. My only concern is with apparent discrepancy between the hash for the .zip file posted @ this page (3BC04FBA7BB83DF3B6018E4124593B6C) & that actually found w/ both the CNet & Mirror Link1 downloads (c4d65ab0da8e4f0da412200b8ee10a3a). Is this an indication that a newer version has been developed and the above-posted hash simply hasn't been updated, or am I missing something? Thank you for your kind attention.

          1. Hi dogtamer ,
            Thank you for your concern [yes] there is an error in the existing zip hash in Permissions Time Machine Lite Page
            (3BC04FBA7BB83DF3B6018E4124593B6C) hash is for old version

            Correct Hash For version : C4D65AB0DA8E4F0DA412200B8EE10A3A

            Thank you again for your concern.

        9. After 5 days serching works for me! Thanks!

        10. This is a truly amazing tool. I once went down the disastrous rd of permission and it did not end well. Thanks to this utility no longer will I ever worry about it again. My hat goes off to you all.

        11. Hours of trying every fix on the interweb with no luck. "location not available, Access is denied" on every docs, My docs and settings location. Running Win 8.1.

          Very excited to find your tool but it will not load. Downloaded , extracted files, ran setup and get this message at the very end

          Unable to execute file
          Create process failed;code 740
          Requested operation requires elevation

          Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

          1. Hi KD
            This error message shown when you don't have administrator rights
            to run setup so you must have full administrator rights

            Try to:
            Right click and "Run as administrator"

        12. Hi, I'm trying to fix a permissions issue that appeared which is giving me trouble installing programs. So I ran this program to give full control to my user account on the entire C: drive (including sub-folders, files, etc). It has been processing this for over 40 minutes and throughout this process it appears that all privileges on that drive have been revoked (I can't even browse it with explorer, all my desktop program shortcuts have disappeared, etc.). Is this normal? Should I just keep waiting? I'm afraid that my entire system is wrecked now.


          1. This is normal because "Permissions Time Machine" remove exists permissions and apply new permissions as a default permissions or copy of permissions

            -You must wait until process is finished-


        13. I've installed windows 7 on my laptop after buying license from cheaproduct, I want to activate it to get free upgrade from windows 7 professional to windows 10 home.
          I'm now confused, How to activate and upgrade to windows 10.
          Please mention within details.

          1. I recommend that you read this article:

            How to Upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 (Right Now)

        14. Thank you so much! I messed up my system and spent almost a day trying to fix it without success. I was just about to give up and format my drive for a fresh install. I decided to run one last search and luckily stumbled upon your tool. Now everything is fine again. God bless you!

        15. Thanks for your awesome works! It works greatly for me!

        16. Hi.... please! ask me serial number.

        17. after install...request register permission time
          > Machine ID {3C75ED58-11A5-84C1-6856-
          > Register email address....
          > serial Number................... what is the answer?

          1. Permissions Time Machine Lite is free
            Permissions Time Machine Studio is Paid


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