All Browsers Memory Zip

Reduce Your CPU and Memory Usage of all Browsers by reduce usage of Windows Explorer All Browsers Memory Zip Support up 40+ Web-browsing.
  • Compress All internet Browser's Memory.
  • Compress Windows Explorer Memory.
  • Make your Computer Perform Faster.

New features:
  • Add hot keys option for usage controller and exit .
  • Add Usage Controller to tray icon right click menu
Change Log: 
    • Add Tor Browser
    • Fix Bug with Vivaldi Browser (Memory leak).
    • Fix crashes bugs. 
    • Fix reported bugs.
            Supported Browsers:
            1. Internet Explorer
            2. Firefox
            3. Google Chrome
            4. CoolNovo Chrome Plus
            5. Safari
            6. Opera 
            7. Avant 
            8. Chromium
            9. SeaMonkey
            10. Pale Moon 
            11. Iron
            12. Netscape
            13. Maxthon
            14. SpaceTime 3D 
            15. Deepnet Explorer
            16. Comodo Dragon 
            17. Flock
            18. RockMelt
            19. Lunascape
            20. Zac Browser
            21. Wyzo Browser
            22. Water Fox Browser
            23. Baidu Spark Browser
            24. Super Bird
            25. Sleipnir
            26. Green Browser
            27. Torch Browser 
            28. Maxthon Nitro
            29. UC Browser
            30. Cyberfox Browser (x64)
            31. Citrio Browser
            32. FlashPeak Slimjet Browser
            33.  Yandex
            34. Comodo IceDragon
            35. Internet (Chromodo)
            36. Firemin
            37. K-Meleon 
            38. Cent Browser
            39. Microsoft Edge
            40. Vivaldi Browser 
            41. Tor Browser (NEW)
            Internet Browser Software Review

            Supported OS: All

            How To Use ?
            Just run it before Start Your Internet Browsers and it will be Automatically compress your internet browser memory you can change your internet browser memory usage by right click on system tray icon and select " Usage Controller ". 


            1. Thank you, me From Philippines!

            2. Tnx man, its working! :)

            3. i love u just like i love my old laptop.

            4. Nice Program, its works great.

            5. Nice Program..
              btw i will post about your's applications in my blog..

            6. how to disable or change end button to another one? its very annoying

            7. Download the The latest version 1.4.2

            8. How can it reduce the memory ?
              Does it different from other RAM optimizer software?

            9. All Browsers Memory Zip take a full control of browser memory usage and reduce it when it use a large memory with no reason
              Browser Memory compression ratio up to 90%
              - Try it and you will see the difference.

              1. Mr. Dahab, I'm very interested by your program here. May I ask, is it compatible with Firemin? And is it compatible with CleanMem?

                Even if it's not compatible with Firemin, I think I need to get it for my ComodoDragon, which has really gotten slow with a lot of tabs. So slow I'm not able to spend much time on resolving and retiring the excess tabs.

            10. You can use All Browsers Memory Zip only to cleanup and refresh your internet browser memory but -> Yes Compatible with Firemin and CleanMem .

            11. Thank you for that information, sir.

              I have downloaded the program, but I am having a problem. A balloon says New value set successfully. But the settings that I make on the Usage controller reverse as soon as I click it out back down to the tray. I set it on Opera, and it goes back to Google Chrome. I set it on 80 MB and it goes back to 50 MB. I changed the Usage key and it shifts back. I press Set when I make the settings. I've pressed Change. What gives?

            12. I am very impressed by this program, and I will spread the word about it online.

              I do have the latest version. It is necessary for me to keep the interface on my screen, as far to the edge as possible, in order to keep the correct browser restrained instead of Google Chrome.

            13. Hey very interesting blog!

              My homepage; referencer son site []

            14. All Browsers Memory Zip is very use full tool, can you make it in Mac version?

            15. I'm sorry to say that you have become a victim of your success: your download links don't work because too many people are using them. Dropbox reports that: "Error (509). This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!" You could work around this by setting up a "mirror" on Box or SkyDrive.

              1. Thanks I will re-upload all old versions again to the Box

              2. [Done] - All old Versions re-uploaded to Box Site

            16. Can you please add support for Waterfox?

            17. the link for 1.4.5 is down.

            18. please upgrade
              i need for Cyberfox and UC Browser

            19. Replies
              1. please for Citrio Browser
                thanks before
                i love this

              2. I will add it next version Soon

              3. All Browsers Memory Zip updated to v1.5.2.1 with Citrio Browser support

            20. Couldn't start installed application v.1.5.3 on Win-7 OS, there's no other choice in start menu folder apart of link to author's webpage & uninstall option.
              (had to go to "Program Files" folder & start program from there)

              1. Problem Fixed
                Problem was in Setup Process not in antivirus Software's

                Please Re-Download Fixed Version

            21. cromium secure, comodo chromodo,comodo icedragon and chromium secure not here.

            22. and yandex,maybe i forget write.

            23. How about including Microsoft Edge Browser?

            24. I received an error "Movefile Code 5" ?

              1. Your Anti-Virus may be blocking the access to the install Or to "All Browser Memory Zip. exe"
                Please check your installation zip file md5 and see my avira scan result .

            25. I have just installed version 1.5.5 on Windows 2003 and tested it with a few browsers (a few versions of old and new Opera and of Iron). It seems to hold all those memory hogs at bay, as advertised.

              However, once I closed all the browsers, I was left with about 1.3 GB of ram "unaccounted for": they were showing in Task Manager, but didn't seem to belong to any process.

              Another thing I noticed was that once the monitoring was active (with no browser, on a clean rebooted system), the memory used was increasing at a rate of about 15 MB/minute. Once the monitor was paused, the increase stopped. Once it was "un-paused", the increase showed up again.

              Are those bugs, or features I don't understand?

              Thanks for the effort you put in this much needed tool.

            26. Program çok iyi, çok teşekkür ederim!

            27. Fredy Mardones7/31/2016 06:14:00 PM

              THX! by created excellent soft. downloading now!
              saludos from Chile.

            28. It works great with Opera :) Thanks!

            29. Linux supported?

            30. cannot download .. please reupload server googledrive/zippyshare/usercloud/tutfiles

            31. is it recommended for latest chrome version and windows 10

            32. thank's ,, i'm from indonesia

            33. Very thanks for your useful software, you can add support for the in the next update, thank you very much. This open source browser like Chromium, but it has some features that I need in our country, I would be very grateful if you add your program, dear

            34. Very thanks for your useful software, you can add support for the browser in the next update, thank you very much. This open source browser like Chromium, but it has some features that I need in our country, I would be very grateful if you add into your program, dear

            35. You Vivaldi does not compress used memory cards for playback of video eg. YouTube

              1. Please send problem screenshots to my email address

            36. This comment has been removed by the author.

            37. New Microsoft Edge (Chromium) support?