We accept PayPal for orders. As soon as you have placed your order, We will verify it and then your order will be processed. A custom registration key will be generated and e-mailed to you after the payment is successfully processed. With this registration key you can activate your copy of Permissions Time Machine Studio

Price per license: $29.95 (Single User Licenses)                                  

Price per license: $100 (Life Time Licenses)

- Request Serial Number: 
Download the Latest version of 
Setup MD5 : 458ef5aeedb720bbe917f6b573fdfa1e
We are not responsible for downloading from outside our official website
  1. Run Permissions Time Machine Studio Setup.exe.
  2. Start Permissions Time Machine Studio and the Registration window will be shown.
  3. Copy and Send Your Machine ID and email address that you purchase through to 
Email Address: license@amydprojects.click

    We will send to you Registration information’s after you send us your Machine ID and email address that you purchase through.

    Permissions Time Machine Studio Registration
    Orders will be instantly processed, you will usually receive the registration key within minutes Or within 24 hours after received your (Hardware ID) requested for the first time only. 
    If you do not receive email with your serial number, please check your spam or bulk email folder.

    What do we mean by Lifetime Licenses?
    By purchasing a license for Permissions Time Machine Studio, you will get:
    • You pay for the Permissions Time Machine Studio only the first time and get all new versions and updates for FREE and for LIFE installed on (5 computer's) each computer has his own licenses.
    What do we mean by Single User Licenses?
    By purchasing a license for Permissions Time Machine Studio, you will get:
    • A license for a single user which can be installed on (1) computer (for the version you bought only and your Hardware Id you sent to us after payment). The license may not be shared with other users.
    • Free updates for the version you bought (related to the hardware-ID that you have given us after the payment). For example: if you bought version 1.0 then you will get all updates (1.1, 1.2 etc) for free until the next major new version/upgrade.
    • You can request two upgrade serial numbers after first purchases.

    How does the activation process work?
    The software activation process uniquely identifies a given computer via proprietary
    mechanisms (Hardware ID). This Hardware ID is bound to certain hardware elements on the computer like
    • Motherboard 
    • Hard Disk ID
    • CPU ID
    • BIOS Info
    When (Permissions Time Machine Studio) is executed in a computer for the first time the information needed in order to create and send a valid serial number is the Hardware ID and Registration Email Address.

    NOTE: The hardware identification process (Hardware ID) does not ever collect or transmit any data
    that can be used to identify an individual or company. The serial number, when delivered
    embedded within an electronic download also never contains personal or company
    information .